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9th Annual WB Canada Fall Harvest Dinner

Fall Harvest 2016

Wine Tasting October 22, 2016

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Steak or Lobster Dinner

Steak and Lobster Dinner Flyer October 2016

Masonic Talk Scores a Hit


At our November 17 meeting, the members of Day Spring Lodge were treated to an excellent Masonic talk by James D'Acosta, of Fidelity-St. John's #3 in Fairfield.

Brother D'Acosta spoke on the topic of Masonic literature, providing an extremely useful guide to many recent publications about Freemasonry, by Masons and non-Masons alike.  He also included valuable information about Masonic research societies, and resources for lodge secretaries or individual members for use in building Masonic libraries.

The engaging presentation included creative ways to involve the members in the evening's proceedings. For example, Worshipful Brother Ed Willard (Day Spring PM 1972) was honored, as the eldest member in attendance at 80, with an invitation to read a moving quote to the group, from noted Masonic author Joseph Fort Newton.

We at Day Spring #30 would like to offer our thanks to Brother D'Acosta for sharing the fruits of his research with us, and for contributing an entertaining and enlightening segment to our meeting.

Click on the image below to see the title page from Brother D'Acosta's dossier on Masonic publications.


Hello from the East


Brothers all,

As the new Master of Day Spring Lodge #30, once again I will thank you for your vote of confidence! I personally invite you to come to Lodge and enjoy fellowship and fraternity.

            As a Freemason, it is my duty to use the tools and implements of architecture to improve myself as a person. It is my duty to help my Brothers when they ask for help…    I will do this to the best of my abilities, and with the assistance of my Brothers here in Day Spring Lodge #30. 

            I have learned a thing or two about Freemasonry.  Over the years as a Brother and officer, I have studied and watched several lodge masters run their Lodges, including Day Spring Lodge 30, Cosmopolitan Lodge 125, Temple Lodge 16, and many other lodges around the state.  I have noted that the most successful Masters have the following traits:

* Balance -  the ability to get his ideas across, while attending to the desires of the Craft.

* Tolerance -  the ability to accept those brothers, who for whatever reason, refuse to accept the fact that they do not have to shout (in voice or by action) their needs.

*Steadfast -  the ability to see projects or other items through (as long as they are for the GOOD OF THE LODGE, and not just a few brothers).

            I intend to stand to and abide by these three traits that appear to help the best masters become and stay the best!

            I will be sending out Lodge updates (via e-mail) regarding the activities of the lodge.  If you wish to stay current with the activities of Day Spring Lodge #30, please feel free to send a request to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , and I will put you on our email list.

Peace and blessings to you and yours,

Brother Steven Canada


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